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Pest Control Service is mainly defines for the service which controls, restrict, minimize, manage or removes undesirable insects and other pests from spaces occupied by people. The service is meant for residential, commercial, industrial and for hospitals. The process is done by true licensed pest controllers who holds the license for the pest control and safety measurements. JayRaj Pest Control and Home Cleaning Services provides Best Pest Control Service in Ranchi in very reasonable charges.

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Some pests are not healthy for human being and they carry some harmful bacteria’s with them and left it in our home and belongings. They act as the root cause of many deadly diseases. To live a happy and healthy life every person should follow regular pest control services for their home and offices. Herbal Pest control treatments are good for indoor pest control treatments. Herbal or Non herbal both are recommended for outdoor pest control treatments. We recommend Rodent Control service for clothing shops, grocery shops, stationary shops and for all kind of store rooms and for inventories.

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Termite Control Service in Ranchi

Termite Control Service helps people to restrict the entry of termite colonies in people property. Termite is mainly a small red color ant like insect. Which mainly grows in red soil. So in which area the ground is having red soil. These insects develops. These tiny insects mainly survive by eating wood. So if in foundation of any building if termite is present then in search for a food they will come out of ground and will transmit to the constructed area for the food. And they grow easily and in small space they lives in lakhs in number.

It is very necessary to call pest controllers for the pest inspection in regular time interval for checking any damages. We suggest Pre construction Termite Treatment for the undergoing constructed home or buildings. And we suggest Post Constructed Termite Treatment after construction of the house or building. The company provides ten year of service warranty for one time service. In ten year in case of any complaint company provide free termite treatment.

Cockroach Control Service in Ranchi

JayRaj Pest Control and Home Cleaning Services provide Cockroach Control Service in Ranchi. Cockroach control service restrict the entry of roaches in people property.

Cockroach control service block entry of roaches in the premises. And helps us to live pest free live.

How to Book Pest Control Service in Ranchi

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