Ant Control Service in Ranchi

Ant Control in Jharkhand

Ant treatment in Ranchi, Jharkhand : Ant are tiny pest lives under ground. But because of extreme heat or raining they comes out from ground. In search of food also they come out. they live in a colony and very beneficial for environment as they decompose many things. Sometimes ant destroy plants and eats our foods in kitchen. In this case we look permanent solution to get rid of ants. 

JayRaj Pest Control & Home Cleaning Services provides ant control solution in Ranchi and Jharkhand for constructed area and open area.

Spray-based Ant management service

Ants are the very common pest in the houses of Jharkhand. They usually lives under ground and in wet areas. They can be found in an open area or in garden area. They did not cause any major disease but they represents unhygienic activity. Their byte can cause some itchiness also creates red color spots in body. 

JayRaj Pest Control & Home Cleaning Services provides Spray-based ant control service in entire Jharkhand. We offer a wide range of services from chemical treatments for your home or office, car & buses, cinema halls, theatre, mattress, sofa inspection services, pest control services as well as prevention advice through education.

Ant control service in Ranchi

Preventions to eliminate Ants from your Home

The best way to avoid them is to take preventive measures by following these tips:

  • Don’t spread food everywhere. 
  • Spray neem oil in home. 
  • Regularly call a pest control company for a pest control services for living a pest free life.

How to confirm that my home is infested with ants?

Ants can cause itching and skin irritations. The following are the signs of bed bugs:

  • If you find something is biting you in home and garden.
  • If you finds ants moving inside your home and in garden area.
  • You see live or dead ants, eggs or droppings in your home.

Our Working Strategy


We inspect the place or item before we suggest the best technique to get rid of bed bugs.


We use the best quality of pesticide which can help you to get rid from the bed bugs for a very long time.

Follow Up

We’ll stay in touch between our regularly scheduled visits and respond to any immediate needs.

Spray neem oil and don’t offer food everywhere.

Yes we provide ant control service in Ranchi.